Coronavirus & Atopic Dermatitis Patient Reporting Database

The SECURE-AD Patient Survey is for people with eczema (atopic dermatitis, atopic eczema) and asks questions about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, their treatments for eczema and COVID-19 vaccinations. We encourage all people with atopic dermatitis around the world to participate using this survey.

The SECURE-AD Patient Survey was initially designed for people with atopic dermatitis who were diagnosed with COVID-19 or who think they had COVID-19 infection.

As we continue to live with the pandemic, and following the availability of COVID-19 vaccinations in 2021, the SECURE-AD team decided to broaden the purpose of the survey so that we can gain more insight into how the pandemic affects people living with atopic dermatitis. We are very interested to find out how people living with atopic dermatitis feel about and experience COVID-19 vaccinations.

Filling in the survey will take about 10-15 minutes and consists of questions about yourself, your atopic dermatitis treatment, other conditions/medications, your thoughts/experiences of COVID-19 vaccination and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected you, including what happened if you had COVID-19 infection. If your COVID-19 infection was recent, we suggest that you wait at least two weeks from when the symptoms started, so you can share your personal experience of your COVID-19 infection.

This survey is anonymous and no identifiable information about you will be stored. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can provide optional permission for us to link your anonymous survey responses to your NHS and public health records, securely through the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital encrypted servers. If you prefer not to provide this information, your survey will remain completely anonymous.

For more information see our FAQs page and privacy page.

Many thanks for supporting this important study!

AD Patient Survey

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