Current Data – SECURE-AD Patient Survey

On this page we provide open access to the current (preliminary) data of the SECURE-AD Patient Survey. We provide summary information of a limited number of participants, so clinical decision making should not be based on this data. Last update: 18-01-2021. Figures show data of 198 patients.

Please use the following citation if referencing the data on this page: Alan Irvine, Carsten Flohr, Phyllis Spuls, Angela Bosma, Conor Broderick, Ching-Chi Chi, Aaron Drucker, Kenji Kabashima, Annelie Musters, David Prieto-Merino, Dmitri Wall, Bernd Arents, Tim Burton. SECURE-AD Database Public Data Update. Accessed on MM/DD/YY.

Click here to report your case on the SECURE-AD Patient Survey.

Number of registrants: 544
Number of COVID-19 cases: 198

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