AD International Scientific Advisory Committee

Sebastien Barbarot MD PhD, France (ETFAD)
Esther Freeman MD PhD, USA (AAD COVID-19 registry)
Emma Guttman MD PhD, USA (IEC)
Jo Lambert MD PhD, Belgium (SPIN)
Tamar Nijsten MD PhD, The Netherlands (EDEN)
Amy Paller MD, USA (IEC)
Carle Paul MD PhD, France (EADV)
Alain Taieb MD PhD, France (ISAD)
Andreas Wollenberg MD PhD, Germany (ISAD and ETFAD)
Christian Vestergaard MD PhD, Denmark (ETFAD)
Andrea Chiricozzi MD, Italy (DA-COVID 19 registry)
Ketty Peris MD, Italy (DA-COVID 19 registry)

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