Steering Committees of SECURE-AD & SECURE-AA Thank You

“SECURE-AD and SECURE-AA have been invaluable resources for the dermatology and alopecia areata communities, providing crucial insights into COVID-19 outcomes among patients with these conditions. Our data have shown that age and comorbidities are associated with adverse outcomes, and certain medications, such as systemic corticosteroids, may worsen COVID-19 outcomes. However, biologic medications have generally been found to be safe. Our experience with SECURE-AD and SECURE-AA has also taught us important lessons about rapid data collection during a crisis, such as the importance of early engagement with communities and adaptability to changing circumstances.

As the pandemic evolves with new variants, vaccines, and treatments, the questions surrounding COVID-19 and dermatologic conditions and alopecia areata have shifted. We believe that new studies are needed to address these questions, and continued reporting to SECURE-AD and SECURE-AA may no longer be as valuable as earlier in the pandemic. With gratitude for your support, we have decided to close down reporting to these databases. We are proud of the contributions made by SECURE-AD and SECURE-AA and look forward to future opportunities for collaboration.”

Coronavirus and Atopic Dermatitis (AD) / Alopecia Reporting Database

Little was known about how the COVID-19 pandemic would impact patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) or alopecia. It was not known what effect systemic medications have on COVID-19 outcomes and whether COVID-19 vaccinations impact on existing skin diseases.

To investigate this, we created a number of secure, online, de-identified Personal Health Identifier (PHI) – free reporting registries, and an anonymous patient reported survey.

We encouraged physicians worldwide to report cases of COVID-19 in their atopic dermatitis and alopecia patients treated with or without systemic immunomodulating medication, regardless of severity (including asymptomatic patients detected through public health screening).

Patients with atopic dermatitis
The patient survey was for people with atopic dermatitis (syn. Eczema) and asked questions about their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, their treatments for eczema and about COVID-19 vaccinations. The aim of this was to help us understand how COVID-19 affected people with atopic dermatitis and how to improve their care.

We thank you all for your participation and support over the past years.

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